Laura, 36

A million thanks for sending that through! I have just forwarded this to my mortgage broker and hopefully this is the last hoop I’ll have to jump through! I’ll definitely let you know when the posted copy arrives.

I cannot thank you enough for the taking the time out of your hectic schedule, to personally call me regarding my request. Never have I felt so ‘listened-to’ and confident, when our conversation ended, that the matter would be dealt with.

In saying that, might I add, that every customer service officer I have spoken to – from when I discovered the default in February, to the last few weeks where I’ve been ‘bugging’ you guys – has been absolutely lovely and so helpful. Everyone has made the effort to assist me as much as possible and it is evident that the ACM Company Culture is one that highly values its relationships with clients and has built a highly effective and empathetic team with excellent communication skills.

So, thank you again, so very much for being such a helpful, kind team to be dealing with – during a pretty stressful time! I’ll speak highly of you guys every chance I get!

Kind Regards


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