Dear Peter

I want to thank and comment on Romona for her expertise in the job she is doing to assist me with the problem I had been trying to avoid for years.

Romona had made me feel very comfortable to talk to and the way she showed she was there all long to assist was very touching for me. She made me feel very guilty at times when I tried to avoid her calls and then it made me finally wake up to myself and I thought I had this lady here to help me out. So I took the chance to talk to her again and now feel I’m being directed to the right path in life. I’m determined by her words to assist me and I believd she did to help me out. Im back on track now and want to be debt free again.

I have now changed my views on ACM compared to back then when I had people calling me and they weren’t as determined to assist and just wanted to hassell me. I kind of felt she had a tone of voice that made me feel she fully understand what I was going thru. It’s hard and not everyone has this ability to sound passionate on the phone. By her voice I wasn’t afraid to face the situation anymore and I know she really cares about me.

Thank you for everything you have done for me and it was a lesson I have learnt in life to not avoid trouble and rather seek for assistance.

Romona I really do appreciate your assistance and today I feel I have 2 bricks taken off my shoulders. Never felt so relieved for years.

I wish you all the best in your career and to help more people stuck in my position who needs help but too afraid to face the problem.

Kind Regards

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