Does ACM Group have Hardship Assist?

ACM Group Ltd (ACM) understand that from time to time customers may encounter financial hardship. Hardship situations may occur when a customer is unable, because of illness, unemployment or other reasonable cause, to discharge their financial obligations under their contract. Additionally, some customers may encounter financial hardship due to domestic violence or financial abuse.

Should a customer be encountering financial hardship please contact our dedicated Compliance & Ethics Team on 1800 081 704. ACM will review the circumstances of customers requesting hardship on an individual basis, and act with compassion when assisting the customer.

Customers can also talk to a financial counsellor from anywhere in Australia by calling 1800 007 007 from 9.30 am – 4.30 pm Monday to Friday. This number will automatically switch through to the service in the State or Territory from where the customer is calling.