ACM Group’s Aim

ACM aims to be leaders in assisting Australians take control of their financial situations. We work with our customers to find practical solutions to provide a pathway out of debt.




  • We acknowledge we needed to improve and we have and will continue to do so. As with any business, there will always be challenges, we have a great team at ACM and we will continue to move forward. Just to be clear – there is no place within ACM Group for any inappropriate behaviour and/or breaches of any regulatory guidelines, full stop.


  • We now have the processes in place to work towards preventing these unfortunate incidents. We are confident that we now have solutions to ensure that best practice is being observed – right across the entire business.


  • We have taken enormous steps to transform the business. It was not a simple process but it was a process that was necessary.


  • One of our initiatives was to partner with a well-respected “Welfare Agency/Consumer Advocates” to completely overhaul our business from top to bottom. They’ve helped us a lot. They’re the experts. They helped advise a framework and ethical solution as to how to best work with people in debt.


  • We have also added 10 compliance staff members and implemented a Compliance Review System in which they monitor a random sample of customer calls and provide real-time feedback to management and ensure we have complied with all regulatory guidelines. We have updated our IT systems to comply with the latest OAIC Privacy legislation in regards to credit reporting.


  • What we have done is humanised the process of debt recovery with a focus on our relationships with each and every customer. ACM now receives regular “thank you” testimonials from people who we have helped escape the debt cycle.
  • We have created systems and processes that go beyond what is recommended by regulators.


  • We know people have fallen on tough times and it’s something we’re acutely aware of … and that’s why the focus is getting people back on track on a workable plan for a pathway out of debt – with a helping hand along the way.
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