ACM Group’s Achievements – Lessons Learned

With over 35 years in the debt acquisition industry, ACM Group has undergone major changes to the way business is done over the past few years. The company has transformed through the owners’ vision and belief in the need for a major changes to improve every aspect of the business.


The Change


ACM Group had major cultural changes completed, with key processes including engaging a well-respected welfare agency – consumer advocates, to do an internal overhaul to meet best practice compliance and customer services standards. We have also added a team of compliance staff members and a comprehensive compliance review system, so that we can monitor and study a sample of calls and improve our service through a strict quality control system. Our senior staff also meets regularly with the Credit and Investment Ombudsman to ensure any complaints are handled appropriately.


We have also decided to go the extra mile and developed a unique system that captures any sensitive words and allows the call to be escalated quickly to management who will take care of any call where a sensitive word is mentioned. This is an initiative by ACM Group to identify vulnerable customers or those more likely to be suffering from financial hardship.


The Strategy


We empowered our staff with increased and improved training. This allows them to make the right decisions to help the customers, and find new ways to offer better resolutions smoothly, improving the quality of the service which prevents disputes from happening in the first place.


In order to improve compliance with Industry Standards we now have a Contact Counting System. This system allows us to track all sorts of communication with the client, including phone calls, emails, SMS, and letters to each customer or third party. The system will lock down any accounts that reach the allowed limit, leaving no room for harassment.


We also now request the least amount of paperwork possible on client cases, to avoid sensitivities about passing on information.


The Results


ACM Group has seen a noticeable drop in the number of disputes and complaints, an annual decline of 16% when comparing FY16 to FY15 with a general downward trend starting since 2014, with a remarkable success through a decrease of 44% over prior year (FY16/FY15).


Internally, we have completed staff surveys to see what they think about the change. More than 80% of our employees say their ability to respond to customers appropriately and confidentially is either ‘much better’ or ‘impressively better’ when compared to the year prior. 90% of our staff say that customer relationships and the consistency in their approach to dealing with customers has been either ‘much better’ or ‘impressively better’.




We looked carefully and examined our strengths and learned from the past, especially in areas in which we could have done better. It’s been a big learning curve for us including training, hard work, and huge achievements that helped us transform the business to where we wanted it to be. We have changed for the better from the top down and we believe it became noticeable to the public in everything that we do.



The absolute proof of the improvements through our intensive cultural changes are clearly visible in the unsolicited “Thank you Letters” on our public website.


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